Friday, July 27, 2012

Katanya Islam Diletakkan Di Tahap Tertinggi Oleh Be-End...

BN letak Islam di tahap tertinggi? Sebelum memberi komen, saya ingin bertanya beberapa soalan untuk kefahaman diri sendiri dan memohon bantuan para pembaca untuk memberi jawapan/pandangan.

A). Adakah benar komponen BN adalah seperti berikut:
    1. Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (UMNO)
    2. Persatuan Cina Malaysia (MCA)
    3. Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan)
    4. Kongres India Se-Malaysia (MIC)
    5. Parti Progresif Rakyat (PPP)
    6. Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu Sarawak (PBB)
    7. Parti Rakyat Bersatu Sarawak (SUPP)
    8. Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS)
    9. Parti Liberal Demokratik Sabah (LDP)
    10. Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS)
    11. Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu
    12. Parti Demokratik Progresif Sarawak (SPDP)
    13. Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS)

B). Dalam 13 parti komponen kesemuanya, benarkah hanya 2 parti yang mungkin mempunyai orang Islam yang agak ramai, iaitu parti no. 1 dan parti no. 6?

C). Benarkah parti no. 8 memang diketahui ramai dipimpin oleh seorang yang berpangkat 'Jeneral' dalam agama Kristian?

D). Benarkah bahawa Presiden parti no. 2 baru baru menyuruh ADUN Kemelah keluar dari BN jika benar benar berhasrat untuk menegakkan undang undang Islam di Malaysia serta mengatakan ADUN tersebut hilang akal menyokong HUDUD dijalankan di Johor dahulu.

E). Adakah parti-parti selain dari soalan (B), (C) & (D) meletakkan Islam di tahap tertinggi?

F). Adakah benar isteri pemimpin parti no. 1 dan parti no. 6 masih tidak menutup aurat?

Selepas semua persoalan aku itu terjawap dengan bantuan para pembaca, maka saya akan menilai dan memberi jawapan samada BN meletakkan Islam di tahap tertinggi atau tidak.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Respond From LGE Which You Cannot Read This In MSM

The Star has declared open war with the Penang PR state government with another front-page story and four inside pages, including the editorial page on the “crying hills” today. This is a desperate attempt to whitewash the past sins of the previous BN government in approving hill projects above 250 feet.

By changing the previous headline title of the “dying hills” to the “crying hills”, this already an admission by the Star that the Star indulged in hyperbolic excesses not supported by facts.

The timing of this latest attack by the Star is suspicious. Coming at a time when The Star’s political masters, MCA, is facing public odium for conducting a cowardly smear campaign spreading lies about sexual misbehaviour and even assault by me and my wife. Clearly this is an attempt to distract attention from MCA’s failed smear campaign, MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s past sexual escapades as well as excuse the previous government from blame so as to help BN win back Penang.

Whether the Star will succeed in its political agenda to tarnish the green credentials of the PR state government and clear the path of a return of the BN state government that caused the problems in the first place, will ulitmately depend on the voters.

Whilst PR is willing to admit to mistakes made, we refuse to bear the sins and pay the price for the policy decisions made by the previous government in approving hill projects above 250 feet. Instead of beating up the present PR state government for a crime it did not commit, why has the Star consistently failed to hound the previous state government for giving 37 such approvals before 2008?

The Star’s claims of impartiality and that it is not singling out PR for criticism is as laughable as PERKASA’s claims that they are not racists. If the Star is impartial in criticising the previous administration approvals of hill projects, why did the Star kept silent 37 times when the previous BN state government gave 37 approvals to hill projects above 250 feet before 2008. Did the Star print an editorial 37 times and gave a 5 page coverage including front-page before 2008 against these 37 approvals?

Neither did the Star apologise when their columnist Joceline Tan was caught lying that the Yang di Pertua Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) Patahiyah binti Ismail had contradicted me, when Patahiyah had clearly said that the 19 approvals given after 2008 were special projects approved by the previous BN state government!

Further, why did the Star not highlight those hill projects in BN-controlled states and pick only on Penang. Unlike the Federal government’s EPU guidelines of defining a hill as exceeding 500 feet, the Penang guidelines have fixed the building line at 250 feet. Unfortunately the previous BN government violated these guidelines by not only approving 37 projects before 2008 but also gave approval for those above 250 feet as special projects.

Neither did the Star give front page treatment criticising the previous BN state government for approving special projects, where such hill projects above 250 feet so classified cannot be rejected solely because they are above 250 feet.

Patahiyah had explained that the 19 approvals by MPPP for heights above 250 feet after 2008 fell under the special projects category and had to be processed according to normal geo-technical guidelines. MPPP cannot reject them on the basis that they were above 250 feet.

As the PR state government cannot cancel these hill projects, to mitigate the situation, the state government has resorted to imposing the most stringent guidelines in the country which were drawn up by a hillslope geo-technical committee headed by Oxford-trained engineer Dr Gue See Saw. These geo-technical guidelines were imposed retrospectively much to the unhappiness of developers, some who threatened legal action.

Whilst the state government sympathised with the unhappiness of those hill projects and the problems of those residents affected by the ongoing development, there is nothing the state government can do unless the drastic step of cancelling the project is taken. To do so entails compensation of hundreds of millions or even billions of ringgit which would bankrupt the state.

The Penang PR state government will not lead Penang towards bankruptcy. Perhaps the BN Federal government should come forward and bear these compensation losses for cancelling the hill projects since BN were responsible for approving them in the first place. Would the Star be willing to play a front-page story pressing demand of compensation from the BN Federal government?

Or would the Star demand that the developers stop the hill projects? Isn’t this sheer hypocrisy of the Star to be so chummy with developers of these hill projects during their Star Property Fair in Penang and yet dare not criticise the developers in name for carrying hill projects.

Finally, it is not The Star but the voters of Penang who will decide whether the PR state government have done our part to protect the hills by not approving any hill projects above 250 feet. The PR state government is willing to be punished for not approving any hill projects above 250 feet and would respect the voters’ decision if they decide to trust BN again despite BN giving all these approvals.

We appreciate those Star reporters and chief editors who are from Penang and care about the state. Penang welcomes you back and we will work hard to make Penang a green state, an international heritage city with a vibrant art culture. But these so-called concerns sound hollow when the Star distorts the truth and practises double-standards.

The PR state government will continue to directly engage with NGOs and even Star’s Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai on the background, the status and any related issues. Since Wong is talking about the rape of our beloved hills, we would like to know who is doing the raping and what steps MPPP is taking.

As we have nothing to hide, I have asked Yang di Pertua MPPP Patahiyah binti Ismail to engage with NGOs and affected parties. That is why the state government had instructed MPPP to declassify all the minutes about approvals for hill projects above 250 feet. I am extending an open invitation to Wong Chun Wai to an open dialogue with me and my MPPP officials on this hill issue. I await his response.

* Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister of Penang. This letter was sent to The Star in response to their reports.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Comments That Caught My Attention On LGE vs CSL

  1. The results of this debate are 10-0; DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has won. The worst part is that Chua brought up Talam Corporation, Tunku Abdul Rahman College and the Penang Port. He should get very negative marks on these three questions.
  2. On the alleged under-performance of Penang Port, Chua never mentioned or purposely covered up the fact that the Johor and Klang ports do better because the federal government is the one which channels all the cargo to the Johor and Klang ports instead of Penang.
  3. Also Lim Guan Eng (LGE) should elaborate more on the TAR College donation of RM30 million to build hostels for students - MCA refused this donation because MCA cronies had bought over many houses in Kampar and were charging RM420 per month for a room, so if they accepted this donation to build hostels, all the MCA cronies would go bankrupt.
  4. LGE is smart as he spoke a lot in Bahasa Malaysia as DAP is getting more popular with the Malays now. I do not know why MCA can be so stupid to let LGE to have this opportunity to have a national platform to speak.
  5. It is also correct that Lim should not have another debate with Chua as he does not have any government portfolio.

Peter Parker: 
  1. What's TAR College? TAR College means after we have paid our taxes, we still can't go to a public university and we have to pay more money through donations to set up a higher education institution so that the Chinese can get a higher education.
  2. Malaysian Pariah: It is just sad that the MCA supporters are so tolerant and accepting of being a second-class citizen in this country.
  3. What is TAR College but a mere MCA and Umno ploy to keep the Chinese masses happy? As taxpayers, you need to go to the streets and demand the right to education and not be proud of the TAR College.

Clever Voter: 
  1. The case for MCA to be returned to power is weak, let alone getting people to listen to them. For more than 50 years of sleeping on the job, these people would have been fired long ago in the real world.
  2. Claiming credit for TAR College is no longer a plus point - the education landscape is now different. And claiming credit for business success is rubbish; many Chinese have succeeded without any help, those rent-seekers who succeeded not only made the community pay more, but are also no longer around.
  3. How many CEOs from GLCs - that incidentally control a large chunk of the economy from automobile, banking to transport, etc - are non-bumis?
  4. Put simply, MCA has failed, and they should surrender and urge their declining members to support those who can do the job.

Anonymous #32993250: 
  1. If merit was the order of the day, it would be unnecessary for MCA to initiate opening colleges like TAR College, that too after a great struggle with Umno, and even then their diplomas are not accepted by JPA (Public Service Department).
  2. This was the cruelest move, especially when their diplomas are far superior to that of public universities.
  3. And when PM Najib Razak accorded the recognition, it is now being politicised by former PM Mahathir Mohamad for reasons best known to him alone. Any country would want the best brains to service the country, but Mahathir is against this.
  4. I ask the president of MCA, how he can be a partner in BN with this type of thinking in the coalition.

  1. The point that the other Malaysiakini readers haven't raised is CSL (Chua Soi Lek) saying the two million brain drain was "normal" as it proved Malaysia's education prepared its citizens to be accepted worldwide.
  2. Question 1: Is he saying then that the Malaysian government educates Malaysians so that they can be employed in other countries?
  3. Question 2: Have all of the two million people received their entire education or only part of it in Malaysia before they secured their jobs in the other countries?
  4. Question 3: Are having two million people working for other countries a normal thing and something to crow about? We are talking about qualified people or professionals, of course, and not maids and blue-collar workers.

  1. My assessment is that Lim Guan Eng clearly won this round. MCA chief Chua Soi Lek can only rattle off government statistics and either offer weak answers or avoid the more sensitive ones.
  2. One up for Pakatan Rakyat. Wait till you see the delayed telecast - they will censor most of it.

Rakyat Malaysia: 
  1. Why is this debate not live on national TV? Perhaps MCA is scared that they will make a fool of themselves again (for all the rakyat to see) and want to edit and filter the live debate before screening it?

Sia Suai Lang: 
  1. I have just heard the debate over the radio. Being a MCA member, I have to be fair: I declare that Lim won 14-0.
  2. Chua is only good at acting not debating. He is good in ball carrying, not in looking the people's welfare. This second round of the debate proves Lim is better than Chua.

  1. CSL boasted about the past in which MCA was part of the government. He kept harping on DAP having nothing to show. However, he did not say DAP had never been in federal power.
  2. MCA and Umno have been involved in massive corrupt in the last 30 years. This is really nothing to be proud of because the MCA leadership has not only sold their soul to their major partner but has caused the entire nation to be grossly in debt.

  1. At last, a BN minister has admitted that the BN leakages and corruption is in the region of RM26 billion.
  2. Najib not too busy, but too 'chicken' to debate

Monday, June 11, 2012

Akibat Otak Lebih Lembab Dari Mulut......

Sebagai seorang warga Malaysia yang prihatin saya meneliti setiap perkembangan dan senario politik semasa negara. Seluruh warga Malaysia tahu tunggak kekuasaan mahu pun kekayaan negara sejak sekian lama hingga kini di tangan UMNO BN. Namun suatu yang memalukan bila PR yang menguasai beberapa negeri dalam GE lalu dan mentadbir negeri dalam situasi sumber kewangan terbatas mampu mencuri pujian dari Audit Negara berbanding UMNO BN sendiri.

Laporan Audit Negara jelas memberi kredit kepada kerajaan negeri di bawah pentadbiran PR walau pun usia pentadbiran PR ini bagai langit dan bumi berbanding UMNO BN. Dalam segala kekurangan sumber kewangan yang dinafikan kerjaan UMNO BN Persekutuan, Selangor dan Pulau Pinang di bawah pimpinan Tan Sri Khalid dan Lee Guan Eng terbukti mampu melakukan lebih baik.

Berbalik kepada Selangor, Saya bukanlah penggemar atau peminat Tan Sri Khalid. Namun saya melihat MB ini sangat profesional dalam mentadbir Selangor. Gaya dan stail pimpinan Tan Sri Khalid cukup profesional sehinggakan sikap profesional dan pendekatan ala korperat yang menjadi pegangan Tan Sri mungkin tidak disenangi oleh segelintir pemimpin dalam PR itu sendiri. Namun stail pimpinan inilah sebenarnya menguntungkan rakyat kebanyakan.

Bila PTPTN tiba-tiba membekukan pinjaman kepada UNISEL kerana dendam dan perangai bodoh Khalid Nordin, simpati Tan Sri Khalid dan rasa tanggung jawab MB ini yang mewakili PR jelas terlihat. Saya memuji tindakan segera yang MB PR ini cuba ambil bagi mengapungkan aset UNISEL dalam usaha untuk menyelamatkan para pelajar UNISEL yang dimangsakan oleh PTPTN walau pun penyelesaian ini bukan satu penyelesaian jangka panjang. Rasa tanggung jawab kerajaan PR ini terserlah malah peranan BM Selangor ini harus mendapat pujian ramai.

Saya yakin jika PR diberi amanah mentadbir negara Malaysia dan diberi peluang menguruskan dana negara, rakyat kebanyakan lebih mendapat menafaat, kebajikan ramai lebih terjaga dan paling penting kekayaan negara akan disalur dengan adil dan saksama tanpa amalan kronisma mahu pun pembaziran.

Kalau dalam keadaan sumber kewangan terhad kerana dinafikan hak oleh kerajaan persekutuan, negeri negeri di bawah pentadbiran PR telah mampu membuktikan sesuatu kepada ramai, bayangkan jika PR kelak menguasai kerajaan pusat dan khazanah negara, pasti kita akan melihat satu pencapaian yang luar biasa yang gagal ditonjolkan oleh UMNO BN selama ini.

Saya penuh yakin di era kekuasaan PR kelak kek ekonomi akan dikongsi bersama secara lebih merata dan adil berbanding era UMNO BN yang memperuntukkan bahagian besar kek berkenaan kepada golongan korperat dan kroni mereka. Dasar pengswastaan yang pada asasnya untuk tingkatkan kecekapan pengurusan ekonomi negara selain mengurangkan bebanan kerajaan jelas telah gagal malah telah menjadi racun kepada negara akibat peningkatan sistem kroni dan pilih kasih. UMNO BN gagal mengamalkan prinsip keadilan sepanjang melaksanakan dasar pengswastaan sebaliknya membebankankan lagi negara akibat pembaziran sumber kewangan negara dan ini mula berlaku sejak Tun Mahathir memacu pentadbiran Malaysia puluhan tahun dulu.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This Is "Y"....

As far as I can remember, I never say that I hate Malay because I'm a Malay too. Why should I hate my own race because there is nothing I can do to change my race.

However, I hate UMNO, I repeat "I HATE UMNO". 


Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Economic TransPORNOmation Work?...

Some example for better understanding.

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the PM's residence. One is from MIC, another is from MCA, and the third is from UMNO. 

All three go with a PM's House-official to examine the fence.

The MIC contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. "Well," he says, "I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The MCA contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

The UMNO contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the House-official and whispers, "$2,700."

The official, incredulous, says, "You didn't even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?"

The UMNO contractor whispers back, "$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we hire the guy from MCA to fix the fence."

"Done!" reply the government official.

And that, my friends, is how our new Economic TransPORNOmation works.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jokes Of The Week...

One morning a blind bunny was hopping down the bunny trail and tripped over a large snake and fell, kerplop right on his twitchy little nose. 

'Oh please excuse me,' said the bunny. 'I didn't mean to trip over you, but I'm blind and can't see.'

'That's perfectly all right,' replied the snake. 'To be sure, it was my fault. I didn't mean to trip you, but I'm blind too, and I didn't see you coming. By the way, what kind of animal are you?'

'Well, I really don't know,' said the bunny.. 'I'm blind, and I've never seen myself. Maybe you could examine me and find out.'

So the snake felt the bunny all over, and he said, 'Well, you're soft, and cuddly, and you have long silky ears, and a little fluffy tail and a dear twitchy little nose. You must be a bunny rabbit!'

The bunny said, 'I can't thank you enough. But by the way, what kind of animal are you?'

The snake replied that he didn't know either, and the bunny agreed to examine him, and when the bunny was finished, the snake asked, 'Well, what kind of an animal am I?'

The bunny had felt the snake all over, and he replied, you’re cold, you're slippery, and you have no balls..... 

You must be an UMNO POLITICIAN...

Is It True, Seriously?....

Kalau anak buah boleh kata bapak buah dia LEMAH JIWA dan hanya tahu BERKOKOK DI LUAR GELANGGANG, apatah lagi orang yg bukan anak buah.

Bacaan lanjut di sini... 

Sebenarnya bapak buah bukannya lemah jiwa dan berkokok di luar gelanggang tapi di dalam kepala anak-anak buahnya mempunyai hotak yg tiada lain selain daripada cerita dari Ummi Hafilda ajer.